If on a random afternoon, your friend shares a reel that’s ‘supposedly’ a cute-dog clip but makes you jump out of your skin as you watch the climax of the reel then know that it’s none other than Instagram’s angry dog *drumrolls* Niki Ozeri!

But amidst a trillion dog accounts online, why is Niki Ozeri a sensation? 

The craze started with Eviatar Ozeri, the owner of Niki, an Israeli Tik-Tok star. This short-form content creator rose to fame by uploading a range of amusing videos with his recognisable dog!

In September of 2020, he shared a video of his little but prompt chihuahua straight away biting his face which went viral on social media and was viewed over 2 million times!

Since then, Niki’s videos, primarily reels, have been a fun content to share for Instagrammers because of her surprising acts with her owner.

The frenzy is not just limited to Instagram, but went to Twitter as well. Take a look at how Niki Ozeri fascinates Twitteratis.

Surprisingly, this adorable yet demon-spirited dog also has a cult in India too.

Have a look at how the comments are flooded with Indian love. 


Niki is, without a doubt Instagram’s favourite dog. She celebrates her birthday, goes on a vacation, dresses up artfully, and is, above all, fed up with her owner’s bullshit.

Owing to the fame this little one has garnered, Niki, his angry dog, appears frequently in his comedic content.

Keep an eye on dozens of her fan accounts online that will entertain you to the fullest. 


We are totally amazed by this crazy chihuahua on Instagram and we’re sure you love her too. Let us know what you think in the comments below!