Two years ago, an orca whale, carried her stillborn baby for 17 days, and left the world teary-eyed.

The endangered killer whale named Tahlequah, travelled at least 1,000 miles and did not let her dead child sink at any cost all through the time it mourned.


The same whale has become a mother once again.


According to reports, she might have given birth this Friday.

The newest calf, listed as J57, was apparently spotted in the Strait of Juan de Fuca, which separates the Olympic Peninsula of Washington from Vancouver Island.

Talking about the health of the newborn, Ken Balcomb, founding director of the Center for Whale Research, said:

The baby looked very robust and lively, so I have good expectations for this one surviving.

The birth of the new calf has left marine biologists and researchers thrilled and excited.

Hopeful for a healthy and long life for the new calf, Dr. Deborah Giles, a whale researcher at the University of Washington’s Center for Conservation Biology, said:

I can’t help but be thrilled that she had this baby and this baby didn’t die right away. Everybody is worried and on pins and needles, wondering if this calf is going to make it.

Netizens also expressed their excitement and wished that the baby orca lives long.

The birth of the new orca brings their population to 73 individuals and this is such great news for an endangered species.