Pandas are the best.

You can never see a panda and not cheer up. These cute furballs are tubby and tempting AF, and always a sight for sore eyes. Every animal has a trademark trait or characteristic. Hedgehogs are unique. Antelopes are exotic. Cheetahs are fast. Monkeys are hyper. Dogs are loyal. Cats are evil.

And pandas are chill.

They’re forever taking it easy, farting around, and rolling on their backs without a worry in the world. Pandas don’t know stress, anger or any kind of bad emotion. Pandas are born to be awesome. They do everything slowly, taking their own sweet time.

You’ll never see pandas in a fight. They only know how to be naughty. They love playing. And sleeping. And eating. They understand that life is short and fleeting. So they make the most of it, unlike us humans who fret about everything. Our world would be such a better place if we could just be like pandas.

They do get a little greedy for bamboo sometimes, and kind of lazy too, but that’s totally excusable. No one’s perfect. Here are 15 memes that perfectly capture their blissful existence in our world.