Don’t go by a panda’s cute teddy-like face. You don’t know the mischief behind it.

Sure, they might look like the most innocent species on this planet. And yeah their lives are usually pretty chill so they’ve got no reason to rebel. They eat a lot of bamboo, nap even more, fart around, relax in jacuzzis, hang from trees and roll around in general.


But there are things even pandas don’t like, such as medicine. A fact we now know, thanks to a hilarious video of a caretaker doing his level best to feed two of them little dozes. He kind of breaks his back trying to get a grip on the furry rascals. But they’re in no mood to give in. They’re fighting for a cause. You can see it.

With two rascals to tackle, the poor guy didn’t stand a chance. But he refused to quit either. This epic man vs panda face off will make you day. It’ll also serve as a legit reminder: never mess with pandas.