Graphic Warning: The following article contains sensitive and graphic images, discretion is advised. 

Despite people advising and advertising against animal cruelty on the day of Diwali, one or two such cases are reported every year. 


This year too, a video of a few miscreants tying a cracker to a stray dog’s tail went viral. 

According to The Times of India, three people, including a student, were picked up by the Karnataka Police after two individuals registered a complaint based on the video. 

Dileep Nadig, founder-trustee of Malenadu Wildlife and Cultural Foundation, and Basava Prasad, founder, Animal Rescue Club, approached the local police seeking action against the culprits. 

Soon after, three people were picked up for inquiry. Two of them were sales executives while one claimed to be a student. 

The News Minute

In the video, the three boys can be seen tying a cracker to a stray dog’s tail with a long string. They then light the cracker, and the dog can be seen helplessly trying to run away from it. The dog then disappears in the dark. 

The accused have been identified as Bharath, Mithun and Nithin, all of whom are between 19-21 years of age.

Times of India

Speaking to TOI, Nadig said: 

The incident was reported on October 26 at BR Project, Singanamane, around 7.30 pm. It is learned that the accused lured the dog with a bun and tied a cracker to its tail. One from the group taped the act, and the video has since gone viral.

Apparently, the video was uploaded on a Facebook page, Shivamogga Trolls, and it was possible to identify the bike’s registration number from the same video. 

A case has been registered against the trio under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals act.