Recently, a pet-parent went all out for their furry friend’s birthday and installed a full-blown billboard wishing Good Boy, Bhoora Bhaiya (translates to: Brown Bro) a very happy birthday. 

Bhoora Bhaiya’s hooman wanted the whole world to celebrate this adorable Indie breed’s love, loyalty and smartness and we cannot stop gushing over this heartwarming gesture. 


I mean if I had the money to do it, I’d install a billboard in every corner of the city to celebrate my furball’s birthday and flex her adorableness. 


Can you imagine the paw-sitivity Bhoora Bhaiya’s billboard is spreading and the smile it’s getting on people’s faces as they cross it on the street? 

Hater’s going to hate but don’t miss out on the special mention to Bhoora Bhaiya’s ( Brown Bro’s) furry friend club and their passport size pictures on the billboard!


The entire internet is wishing Bhoora Bhaiya and celebrating this good boy’s birthday: 

9 Gag

BRB, apologising to my furball for not performing these huge gestures to express my love for her.