Even though it might feel like a nasty task to do, but if you’ve chosen the life of being a pet-parent, cleaning up after your mutt is a responsibility you’ve signed up for. 

Proper disposal of dog feces is a huge concern, if not all, but in most residential areas. 

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However, before anyone suggests the idea that having a dog and cleaning up after them every time is a challenging task, let me address the fact that I’m a pet-parent too and I clean up after him every single time.

Just like other canines, my dog also poops where he feels comfortable. As a pet-parent, you know this; Dogs don’t just poop anywhere. They find that one particular spot and only then, will they go ahead with their business.

The spot might remain the same every day or change according to their mood, but as a pet-parent, it is your responsibility to guide your dog to a spot which is comfortable for him/her to use and nobody should face any inconvenience or discomfort. 

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This is due to the fact that coming in contact with dog waste can lead to complications for human beings. Dog waste can cause potential bacterial and parasitic infections. 

Dog excreta consists of parasites that have cryptosporidiumtoxocariasis, and toxoplasmosis which are responsible for several illnesses in human beings. 

Organisms from a dog’s waste can cause severe diarrhoea, vomiting, and dehydration, E. coli, giardia, and salmonella in people and pets.


This leads to proper dog waste disposal being a health concern and if followed properly by everybody, is a problem we can deal with together as a community.

However, in my personal experience, I’ve witnessed several dog owners who take their mutts out on a walk but are completely ignorant of the fact that it is their duty to clean up after their pupper has done the deed.

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Children playing outdoors can come in direct contact with the dog’s excrement and sometimes, accidental infections can also occur. 

Infectious waste can even put the health of other pets at risk and no pet-parent would want that, right? So, in order to get rid of this risk, it is advisable to carry out measures to clean up your dog’s turds.

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It is no rocket science — buy a poop scoop, which is easily available online or at any pet store, carry a dog waste bag and dispose it off properly. 


You might be thinking that the reason you’re taking the dog ‘out’ for a walk is that so you don’t have to clean up after it. But that’s where you’re wrong. Just because your dog’s loo business happens outdoors, doesn’t mean you have the right to leave it like that.

Basic pet-owner etiquette requires you to know this and imply it in your life. The reason why certain areas in and around your residential have boards like ‘No dogs allowed’ is because our lack of cleanliness has made it impossible for others to co-exist with our pets. 

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Our poor four-legged buddy definitely cannot carry this out since they depend on us for everything so it automatically becomes your job. There’s nothing wrong with cleaning up your dog’s poop because if you can’t do it, who will?