Meet the “Animal Whisperer,” a photographer and explorer who has perfected the art of selfies with exotic animals.

Allan Dixon, a native of Ireland, has been photographing kangaroos, quokkas, camels, sea lions, and other animals all around the world.

So let’s take a deep dive into Allan’s wonderful world of animals, where each selfie demonstrates just how much humans and animals have in common.

Keep reading and smiling! 

1. In case you’re having a bad day, just look at ’em smiles. 

2. These snowballas are beyond adorable. 

3. Rollercoaster of love. 

4. We have found the modern day mogli from The Jungle Book!

5. Imagine Angel Snowflake plans to cuddle you in your dream tonight!

6. Why is bunny PuiPui not on magazine covers yet! 

7. Let’s call them happy clouds from now on. 

8. A family photo we didn’t know we deserve. 

9. You’re truly in love when you can’t help but get the same hairstyle as them. 

10. Holy calf!

11. Me: I’m not clingy in love. 
Also me: 

12. Wildest yet the cutest party!

13. A bad hair day never looked better. 

14. Him: How much do we love me?

15. Ducking and diving!

16. Time to go right to bed!

17. Looks like an ideal world. 

18. When this little monkey has a better hairstyle than you!

19. Turning imagination into reality. 

20. Thier love for camera is unreal. 

We are in awe of this man and his art. Are you?