Reports of people torturing animals have become way too common these days.

In another such incident, a man was spotted throwing a dog repeatedly into the freezing sea.  


The eye witnesses claim to have seen a man throwing a greyhound into the the chilling water in Hartlepool, County Durham, England.

He then dragged the dog back out on a long lead, only to throw it back into the sea again.


There were 3 such men with at least 9 dogs reportedly, and they seemed prepared to throw all of them into the freezing water.

The animal rights group of the region has started looking for these men and has requested the public to help them in the search.


India has also seen a sharp rise in the incidents of animal abuse.

Earlier this year, a CCTV footage captured a man running over a stray dog 3 times to kill it, despite the interference of security guards.

It’s time these heinous crimes are met with a strict punishment by law.