We know that everyone is missing the good old days. We are hopeful that they will come back again. Till then, take a break from all that overthinking. 

To help you get through this, here are some photos of adorable, cute and curious baby animals.

1. This baby seal is just looking for a friend. Wanna fraandship?

Source: Reddit

2. Sleepy little baby squirrel

Source: Pinterest

3. Let's play. Shall we?

Source: Today Show

4. To Panda or not to Panda?

Source: People.com

5. Hey human, let me have my breakfast 

Source: F319.com

6. Look mama, I am flying!

Source: Pinterest

7. My nest or yours?

Source: Baltana

8. Baby penguin is just chilling in Antarctica 

Source: Pinterest

9. Time for bed

Source: Kickvick

10. Will you play with me? Pretty please!

Source: Pinterest

11. Welcome to kitty gymnastics

Source: Pinterest

12. Baby fox is spending quality time with a butterfly

Source: Pintereset

13. Hello humans!

Source: Fonstola

14. Curious little monkey

Source: We Heart It

15. Baby hedgehog is so adorable

Source: 9gag

16. Say hi to this baby sloth 

Source: Pinterest

17. Be happy...meh, meh, mehhhh!

Source: Diane Duane

18. Pony with 'all black' swagger 

Source: SlideShare

19. Cute piglet is curious about the photographer

Source: stocksy

20. That's how we sit!

Source: Pinterest

21. Aww, baby raccoon is so sweet!  

Source: Pinterest

Cuteness overload!