Most of us will agree that puppies are the cutest creatures in the world. They can make your heart melt with every little thing that they do. From the yawning to the slipper chewing, their naughty tantrums can light up your saddest day. I mean, how can you not smile at them fighting their own reflection in the mirror?

They might get tough with all the attention that they demand but the endless love they give in return for a 2-minute tummy rub will make you feel like you must have done something exceptionally great for the universe to have blessed you with a little pupper!

Here are 20 photos of pups that will make you want to get one for yourself right away.

1. This one’s expression during a tummy rub session is probably what real joy looks like.

nomao saeki/unsplash

2. ‘I can smell another pupper on you. You’re my hooman but you did me a betrayal.’


3. Pupper yawns will, in all likelihood, turn your heart into jelly. 


4. This pup is at the point where he’ll chew everything that comes his way. Chew away, little pupper!


5. ‘My hooman has been gone for 12 minutes. That’s like 12 whole years in pupper world.’


6. ‘Where you going? Please don’t do pupper a separation, hooman.’


7. This one is just waiting for a treat to come his way.


8. ‘Did I hear my hooman say good boy?’


9. ‘Pupper need no education.’


10. ‘Why didn’t hooman give pupper a tummy rub yesterday? Am I not a good boy?’


11. This pupper here thinks no one will find him if he hides in daddy’s shoe.


12. This cuties just wants to enjoy his tea while reading the newspaper. Now, is that too much to ask for?


 13. ‘Did you just say we’re visiting the vet, hooman?’

b’Source: Belongs to author’

 14. With eyes like those, how can a hooman not give this pupper everything he asks for?

15. This new-born pupper just wants to sleep it off on mommy’s arm.

 16. ‘I don’t like the paparazzi, hooman. Stop with the clicking already.’

b’Source: Akarsh Mehrotra’

 17. ‘Whose photo does my hooman keep? This is causing me a heartbreak.’


18. With his favourite toy and the soft bed, this cutie is surely having a perfect day.


 19. Look at these two baby puppers playing around with some dry grass.

20. This pupper has brought a daisy. If this doesn’t melt your heart, nothing can.


Happy puppy day to all the puppers! We hoomans are eternally grateful for you.