If you think you are high maintenance, wait till you see pictures/videos of the cutest creatures on the planet receiving all the love and pampering in the world. I am definitely jealous and soon, you’ll be jealous too.

1. Now, all I need is a glass of wine.

2. Clean me good hooman. I gotta impress the ladies. 

3. Flutter! Flutter!

4. I know you like my hairstyle. Tell me something new.

5. This bath is hitting me in all the right spots yo. 

6. Here’s a sneak peak into my clawicure treatment. 

7. Feeling the weekend vibes?

8. This heavenly massage is making me drousy. 

9. Scrub me well, hooman.

10. Just getting styled by a professional. You jealous?

11. Letting go off all the stress like…

12. Pass me my towel, hooman.

13. Hooman, I am ready for my makeover. Who is going to do the honors?

14. It’s time for me to snooze. 

15. My hairstylist working his magic on me. 

16. My first grooming session and I’m lovin it!

17. This is what nirvana feels like. 

18. Shiver! Shiver!

19. Do you want to snuggle with me?

20. Feeling happy and relaxed after my spa. Don’t judge me!

21. Spa day= Fun day

22. Just getting a manicure. Got a problem with that?

23. Too cute to handle!

24. A soothing massage before going to bed is all I ever needed.

25. Dadda is taking good care of me. 

Jealous much?

*Books appointment for a spa treatment*