COVID-19 is spreading rapidly and all you can do is take precautions. Precautions are very simple: Regularly wash your hands, avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth, maintain hygiene, stay home and practice social distancing. And we can learn to do it the right way from various unlikely sources - like animals.

Here are 16 pictures of animals teaching us how to follow social distancing.

1. Learn from cats.

Source: thesmartlocal

2. Peacocks are better than some people.

Source: gujaratimidday

3. Dogs on the park maintaining social distancing.

Source: twitter

4. Disciplined as duck!

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5. Cats showing you how it's done.

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6. Setting an example.

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7. Yes, maintain social distancing everywhere.

Source: odnaminyta

8. Pawfect!

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9. Just stand there.

Source: supercoolpics

10. Be in line.

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11. Follow rules, hoomans!

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12. Maintaining social distancing like a pro.

Source: curlytales

13. Even birds get it.

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14. Because social distancing saves lives.

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15. This dog understands social distancing.

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16. Safety first.

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