Stop what you are doing right now because I am about to introduce you to the most adorable content you’ve seen. I promise!

Say ‘hi’ to Pierre the penguin. He is being treated at Perth Zoo for feather moulting but, he is keeping himself busy by catching up on his favourite TV show, Pingu

Adorable Pierre wasn’t feeling well as a result of feather moulting so he had to be taken to a rehabilitation centre for his treatment. 

But, since the zookeepers didn’t want him to feel lonely, they provided him with his very own iPad that he uses to binge-watch Pingu. How cute!

Apparently, he has also become iPad-savvy during his stay at the rehabilitation centre. But, Pingu isn’t the only show he is busy watching. 

Staff members of the zoo have been showing him real-life footage of fellow rockhoppers to make him feel at home. One of the zookeepers in an interview said:

To make his life a bit more enriching we’ve decided to get other rockhoppers online for him to watch. Pierre’s been enjoying watching them and seeing them in their little habitats at their zoo.

With all the love and care Pierre has been receiving, his condition has improved significantly. Earlier this month, Pierre washed up on a Western Australia beach. According to sources, the penguin ‘bravely swam across oceans’ after being separated from his family.

All thanks to a little help from the keepers at Perth Zoo and his ‘animated friends’ Pierre is now well on his way to recovery.