It's not every day that you get to own a masterpiece created by a raccoon and not a human being. No kidding. 

Piper, a raccoon has become world famous for her finger-painting and he also has a online store where her human friend sells her art work.

Aww! Just look at how happy and adorable she looks. One thing's for sure, she's proud of her masterpiece. 

Piper is new to this business but, her finger-painting has already grabbed eyeballs on the internet. Her work is going viral on social media and people are quite impressed and amused. 

People were so in love with her art work that they ended up buying most of it. But, don't worry, she still has some other paintings in store that you can check out and order if you like. 

Talented! This raccoon has better painting skills than most of us combined. 

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