Nature’s creations are so unique that even Leonardo Da Vinci would’ve been impressed with some of the most stunning species roaming on this planet. 

Quimera, a cat from Argentina, is one such example due to her unique look and genetic condition. 

Born as one single organism from the fusion of two different embryos, Quimera was named after her genetic condition called chimera

Feline Genetic Chimera is fairly common but the fact that it gives Quimera two perfectly different sides to her face is something incredibly unique. 

Moreover, the chimerism colour-split runs straight in the middle of Quimera’s body. This makes her blue and hazel eyes look perfectly balanced yet beautifully contrasting. 

The colour split continues down her chest to her front legs, with the sides reverse.

Even though she’s officially suffering from a genetic condition, this doesn’t stop her from being extra-fluffy, extra-adorable. 

Try not to get lost in her mesmerizing eyes! 

The unique appearance has made Quimera a household name as her profile has more than 90,000 followers. You can check her other photos, here

Despite being an internet sensation, the furry feline just wants to snuggle with her human and lay inside boxes just like any other kitty.