Meet Rae, a cute little Golden Retriever pup who was born with a unique characteristic that is winning the internet’s heart. 

An accidental injury at birth left Rae without one of her ears (left ear) and as she grew older, her right ear slowly moved to the top of her head which now makes her look like a unicorn. So very cute!

Rae is able to hear with the right ear that now sits in the middle of her head and adds to her cuteness. 

Sam, Rae’s human friend was quite fascinated with her unique attribute so she posted a video of her on Tik Tok that went viral with almost 2.7 million views. 


Check Rae the Unicorn dog out on insta – goldenunicornrae ##petparent ##PlayWithLife ##fyp ##dog

♬ New Soul – Yael Naim

Soon, Sam set up multiple social media accounts for Rae so that her fans could keep up with her daily adventures. 

On Instagram, this star pup almost has 12k followers who can’t stop drooling over how adorable she is.

Rae lives with her human friend in Michigan, United States and she is quite playful and super-friendly. Oh, she is also quite the poser and her Instagram pictures are proof. 

It’s playtime for Rae!

Rae also enjoys going on long walks. 

We also want to cuddle with you!

The poser!

What a cutie!

Only if looks could kill…

Isn’t she the purest little living being?