What happens when someone gets stuck in a room with a leopard? Well, for this courageous dog, thankfully nothing happened. 

In Bilinele village, Karnataka, a stray dog got trapped in a toilet with a leopard for almost 7 hours. But the miracle here was that the leopard didn’t try to attack the dog all this time and both the animals were released safely. A picture of the two of them trapped together went viral on social media. 

Along with the picture, an entire thread was shared by Prajwal who explained the entire episode. He shared that the dog was being chased by the leopard and it found a hiding spot in a residential toilet. However, the leopard managed to follow the dog inside the washroom. When the owner found the two in the toilet, she immediately bolted the toilet from outside and called police and the forest department officials. 

The forest department team removed the top of the asbestos sheet outside the toilet to tranquilize the leopard. But the leopard escaped at 2pm. They also tried to trap the leopard in a net from the top of the toilet but it was too strong. 

Netizens took to Twitter to comment on the incident. While some were curious to know how the dog made it alive, some took this opportunity to crack some jokes. 

The dog will surely remeber this day for the rest of his life.