Every dog parent in the world would tell you that if they could, they would give years from their lives to their furry friends. 

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So when Redditor superputindoge asked if dog owners would give 5 years of their lives to their dogs, the answers were overwhelmingly positive. 

But what caught everyone’s eye was the story of how a dog called Daisy saved the life of her human and 2 of her kids. 

Pets for homes

Redditor Experimentallity speaks of her ordeal during a vacation in a cabin in Maine, USA. 

My family and I were on vacation at a cabin in Maine. Got caught walking up from the lake by a bear after dark. Couldn’t tell it was a bear until it stood up and the motion light turned on. It was standing over 6 foot tall between us and the cabin. It fell forward onto it’s front feet, huffing. It made a noise like a dinosaur. Who shit my pants?

And this is when her dog, a 15-year-old British Bull Terrier named Daisy sprang into action. 

Without a sound, my lazy shit dog launched an attack from behind the bear. I’m tearing up thinking about it. I ran the kids into the cabin, grabbed the rifle and spent the next five minutes running through dark woods, trying to follow the sounds of my growling dog and a furious bear. The growling stopped and I could hear the bear running off through the woods.

Now, now, don’t you worry. Daisy was fine. Her owner found her in the woods. 

My dog’s name is Daisy. She’s an English bull terrier. She was 15 years old at the time. It took two hours to find Daisy after the bear ran off. She had what looked like road rash along her sides, her hip was broken and her leg was crushed. She was curled next to a tree with her tail thumping the ground. Her white fur all shades of red and pink.  

Experimentallity’s story resulted in an outpour of support from the Reddit community, with people asking about Daisy’s health. 

My hair is standing on end. I love Daisy. My very old dog came trotting down to our pond looking like a porcupine, huffing and growling. She sat down with my son and me. Normally never left the porch. Found out a bit later from a neighbour had just seen a bear walk down a path 100 yards away. Irreplaceable Lucy.


Another Redditor, Dtaped said: 

I don’t open reddit to cry. Goddamnit. What a good girl Daisy is. What an understatement. We are so undeserving of their devotion and if only everyone could feel it and realise it. The gratitude would fill us all. And humble us into silent reverence.

So, to answer the question about whether one would give 5 years of their lives to their dog, Experimentallity said: 

I love her so much. I owe Daisy 3 lives, fuck 5 years.

Honestly, most of us would give a lot more to our dogs than just 5 years.