Heroes come in all shapes and forms, they show up as anyone really, as children, as older people, or as brave doggos. And some of the bravest canines we know of were Max, Tiger, Sultan and Caesar. A fierce four, who were part of the Mumbai Police’s Bomb Detection and Disposal Squad. 


These four helped save the lives of many during the 26/11 attacks. In fact, Max alone sniffed out 25 hand grenades and 8 kgs of RDX outside Taj Mahal Palace during the attacks. All four of them were living in Fizzah Farms in Virar when they died of old age back in 2016. It’s been 5 years since then, But we’ve not forgotten the protection they provided humankind during the crisis. 


All of them had respectful funerals at their home farm. Tiger and Caesar were bid farewell by police officers as well as their caretaker and handler. While Max and Sultan had a more quiet and somber funeral with just their caretaker and handler present. 

Here’s to all four of them, Max, Tiger, Sultan and Caesar. Forever grateful for everything they did for the safety of humanity.