Elizabeth Spence has a full house. One husband, 3 rescue dogs, 3 rescue cats and yes, 3 kids. There’s no doubt that with so many inhabitants, the Spence household has a lot of stories to tell.

The most adorable one though is of Nora and Archie. 

Nora, an English Pointer, came to their home 7 years prior to the couple having kids. She ended up in the shelter after being abused by her previous owner and then the Spences took her in. She was scared of all those who approached her.

But there was something different about Archie. Nora finally found someone she could really trust and so their friendship began.

They chill together.

They cuddle together.

And sleep, a lot!

It really seems to be their favourite pass time.

Sometimes, the cats join in too.

They enjoy playing with toys.

And for some reason, they love staring out the window.

All of it must tire them out. So what do they do then? You guessed it. They sleep some more.

The adorable duo has garnered quite a huge following on Instagram too, where Elizabeth chronicles their friendship. 

It’s wonderful to see stories like these unfold everyday. Small things that make a huge difference. Small stories that make this world a better place. 

Here’s to Nora and Archie, a friendship built on trust, toys, SLEEP and staring out the window.