Even when it appears that every day, humanity is stooping to a new low, with countless stories of animal cruelty and human apathy, there are some stories that manage to rekindle our fledgling hope. 

Recently, one such story surfaced from the forests of Ooty in Tamil Nadu when a baby elephant got separated from its mother, fell and got stuck in a canal. 

However, forest rangers wasted no time and jumped to action to save the baby elephant and reunite it with its mother. They pulled the calf out and tried to push it towards the waiting mother. 

However, the calf, terrified of the ordeal kept sticking close to the rangers. Seeing no other option, a forest ranger picked the young calf on it’s shoulders and carried it to the mother.

Watch the video here:


It is such acts of kindness that make us believe that humanity is not dead. Here’s hoping that there are more such men and women, willing to go the extra mile and thus save countless lives.