A condition that can limit someone’s growth can also add a new dimension in someone’s life, whether an animal or human. 

Lil Bub, the internet’s most famous cat, was one such celebrity the world adored and cherished despite suffering from so many medical conditions. 

New York Times

The American celebrity cat, who passed away on Monday, December 1 after 8 years in the limelight, initially struggled to survive as she was the runt of her litter. 

When no one gave the cat a chance, destiny played a part after she was adopted by Mike Bridavsky. 

Born with several genetic mutations, Lil Bub had to be bottle-fed and was finding it difficult to get adopted. 

She was reportedly diagnosed with osteoporosis and was born with feline dwarfism, a condition that can cause uneven or restricted growth of limbs. 


The uneven growth of limbs and jaw, compared to the rest of the body, restricted Bub’s movement and induced a special style in which she ate her food. 

Despite all that, it was a Tumblr blog post that made her viral over the internet in 2011. 

Posted by Mike, the series of photographs made it to several Reddit threads making Lil Bub an adored face for feline lovers. 

In 2012 the documentary Lil Bub & Friendz, featuring the Keyboard Cat and Grumpy Cat, worked well and became a source of inspiration for the internet.  

When success became regular, Mike organized a series of meet and greets, which raised a lot of money that was ultimately given away for charity and animal welfare.

During her life, Lil Bub and Mike have raised more than $700,000 for animals with their partnership with ASPCA and distributed 136 grants to 124 organizations worldwide. 

Through Lil Bub’s Big Fund for the ASPCA charity, Bub & Mike raised money for pets with special needs all across the world. 


Part of a series of pets, who became famous in the early 2010s, Lil Bub excelled in all corners of the internet.

She garnered over 2 million Instagram followers with her charm and was famous on other applications like Tumblr, Reddit and Facebook. 


Dwarfism, which made her tongue hang out, became the reason why so many people adored her online. 

Though an aggressive bone infection snatched Lil Bub away from Mike and from her fans, her memory will serve as an inspiration for everyone who knew, saw and adored her. 


Rest in Peace Lil Bub – an internet sensation, a charming ambassador for animals with special needs and, most importantly, the spirit of felines loved across the globe.