We’ve all heard pranks on the radio and had our share of fun. Now, while mostly they’re funny, there are occasions when you are left feeling uncomfortable. 

In a recent incident which was brought to light by the following Facebook post, RJ Naved, who’s known for his pranks, faced a backlash from people for taking it too far.

As you can see, people were angry with the fact that RJ Naved decided to prank a person who has lost his dog and made fun of a situation which is comparable to losing a family member. 

Dog Express

It all started when Naved called a guy who has lost his pet, as a part of daily pranks that the radio plays on people. 

The said person had put up a banner for his lost pet in Noida and Naved called him and started asking questions about the same, acting as if he has found the dog.


Evidently distraught, the person asked him if the dog is safe and said, “Usko sambhaalke rakhna yaar.

But he went ahead with the prank and only later revealed that the dog wasn’t with him and he had called just to tell him that, something that did not go down well with listeners.


People are really close to their pets and losing them is devastating for any family. Making fun of this situation is both insensitive and uncalled for. 

Once the prank started making news, people from different parts of the country expressed their displeasure, raising a very valid question that would he make the same prank if someone had lost their child?

Here’s the full audio of the prank, you can listen to it and decide for yourself if it was insensitive or not.


We tried to reach the concerned radio station for their comments and this is what they had to say:

We are figuring out some things internally regarding the situation. 

We will update the story as and when we get more information on the matter.