We hear dog rescue stories every day and it warms our hearts each and every time. But sometimes, some stories make a permanent place in our hearts.

Like this one where a woman rescued a puppy while she was running a marathon in Ratchaburi, Western Thailand. According to The Dodo, Khemjira Klongsanun is an avid runner and loves to participate in marathons. 

She is also a dog-lover.

But what she didn’t know that running this particular marathon will change her life. And someone else’s too!

After running for about seven miles, Khemjira came across a smol lil’ pupper on the side of the road with no mother or a litter by his side.

Instead of ignoring the puppy and getting ahead in her race, Khemjira decided to stop and picked up the puppy. And continued running in the marathon with the pup in her arms for the remaining 19 miles.

The lucky puppy remained in her arms till the end when she reached the finish line. Khemjira’s love for the pup didn’t end there and she took the lil’ boy home. She even paid the vet a visit to make sure everything was A-okay with her new tiny furry buddy.

The puppy, named Nong Chom got along with the rest of her dogs in a heartbeat. 

And to make sure that Nong Chom didn’t get separated from his mother, Khemjira even went back to the site where she found him. But it looked like Nong Chom was there all alone to begin with.

Nong Chom is now a part of Khemjira’s family and if you see her Facebook, you will only see pictures of the puppy all over her feed.

This marathon definitely turned out to be very pawsome for both of them!

All images are sourced from Facebook.