This is Salvador Dolly, an adorable doggo from Dallas who is winning hearts over the internet with her distinctive feature- the trademark handle bar moustache that is just hard to ignore. What a cutie!


Yes, this cute pup rocks a dramatic moochi stretching from one side of her lips to the other and it strangely resembles late surrealist Salvador Dali's moustache. *Same pinch*

Well, that explains why this doggo has been named Salvador Dolly. Got it?


She is a shelter puppy from Dallas and she is part of a litter of 11.

Currently, she lives in a foster home but she will be taken to NYC by the end of August, along with her litter to separate foster homes until they find their forever homes.

Dolly is a 5-week-old stray puppy who was taken in by the Hearts and Bones rescue team in Dallas, Texas from Dallas Animal Services. 

Allison Seelig from Hearts & Bones Rescue said, "The whole family is now relaxing in a comfy and safe home and getting medical care and monitoring until the puppies are old enough to be weaned."

She further added, "The puppies are currently only 5 weeks old and are still nursing. Although currently all 12 dogs are living under one roof in foster care."

With all this attention that Dolly is getting, the Hearts & Bones crew hope that she and her brothers and sisters will soon get a new home.  


“We honestly have more applications for her than we know what to do with right now,” the Hearts & Bones crew told Storyful by email.

Donations and applications to adopt can be made at the Hearts and Bones website.