In a world that lacks empathy, animals often end up bearing the brunt of our cruel and indifferent ways. And it’s fair to say in India, the situation is especially bad.

Until recently, people who inflicted violence on animals could walk free with just a measly fine of ₹50. Effectively, people could brutally kill an animal and – unless there was a hue and cry over it on social media – would get away scot free.


And even without these examples of downright cruelty, it’s the apathy of our society as a whole towards the conditions of our animals friends that perpetuates the same cycle of violence.

Even away from urban India, the state of wildlife conservation in the country is hardly something to be proud of.

We’re constantly reminded of how we’re encroaching on the habitats of animals, how despite the country’s best efforts, poaching is still a huge problem. We all want to help, but we’re not sure how to.

Because we at ScoopWhoop are strongly committed to changing the status quo, we have decided to celebrate this week Animal Welfare Week. We hope to bring together like-minded people, people who have had enough of the indifference. 

b’Source: Pixabay’

We’re getting together experts, vets, pet lovers, basically anyone who wants the best for our animal friends.

Whether it’s information from the experts, simple tips on how to look after your pets or strays, or how to your bit to help our wildlife, we’re trying to make this a hub for animal lovers.

We hope this becomes a place where people can be educated and equipped with information and knowledge, to fight the battle our animal friends cannot fight for themselves.


To be clear, this Animal Welfare Week is only a fraction of the larger efforts we need to make as a society to care for our furry friends.

It’s time we truly lend a helping hand (or paw) to them.

To volunteer or to reach out to help, visit here.