Are you looking for a furry buddy to keep you company and shower you with unconditional love? Is your home deprived of a four-legged joyous being who’ll be with you in all your ups and downs?

Then stop right here because we have great news for everyone who wants to be a pet-parent!

Pet Fed is India’s biggest pet festival and it’s happening in Delhi on the 15th and 16th of December. It’s a multi-city event and has already taken place in Bangalore. ScoopWhoop is going to be hosting an adoption drive at the festival with smol lil’ Indian puppers to win your hearts. 

ScoopWhoop has always been a pet-friendly workplace and getting to spend time with these dogs is what we look forward to every day. It’s a haven for animals and heaven for us. Cuddles and wet noses everywhere.

The dogs come and go as they please and are provided with a healthy lunch and dinner every day. Their vaccines and medical requirements are also taken care of regularly. Not a day goes by when we don’t get to cuddle with a four-legged buddy at work. 

But these puppers need a forever home of their own. One of the females recently gave birth to a huge litter and we want all of them to have a safe environment.

The mother lost her litter last year due to dangerous pack dynamics and was extremely upset for a long time. So, this year, we were extra careful in making sure that the puppies were getting the proper care that they need. And luckily, all of them turned out to be healthy playful balls of fur.

Now, after the necessary nursing by the mother, it’s time to look for permanent homes for these babies. No dog should be homeless and these puppers definitely deserve a chance at having a family.

So, in order to find the best parents for them, we will be getting them to this year’s Pet Fed in Delhi and putting them up for adoption.

If you want to fall in love with the purest of souls, stop by and have a look. These babies need a home and you need someone to love. It’s a perfect match.

But before you decide to adopt one, please keep a few things in mind. Having a pet is a huge commitment. So, make sure you have the necessary time, funds and devotion to make this work. And once you’re sure of that, it’s a lifetime of joy waiting for you. 

And remember to adopt, never shop!