So many times we see animals on the road or a ditch, injured, helpless. We feel sorry and empathetic but most of us are clueless as to what to do to help them. 

This couple from Seattle found themselves in a similar position whenever they visited India and ultimately decided to do their bit to change the scenario.


Erika & Jim Abrams-Myers, and their daughter Claire, moved to India 15 years ago with a motive to rescue wounded and ill animals. 

Since Udaipur had no animal hospitals, they hired a vet and opened Animal Aid Unlimited in 2003 acting on all reports they received of injured animals, finding and rescuing them.

Now in the course of these 15 years, they along with the organisation members have helped over 60,000 animals.   

They take in all sorts of injured animals and provide them with care and attention till they are nursed back to health. 


Animal Aid Unlimited started as a very tiny organisation but has now grown to house 400 animals, being cared after by 50 full-time staff members and volunteers from around the world.


Claire Abrams says she feels really happy when people inform them about injured animals and it goes on to create a larger impact.

“Seeing the rescue is going to motivate them to help so many more animals in the future, be so much more aware, so much more kinder and it is going to influence the entire neighbourhood.”

Animals suffering life-threatening injuries or stuck in situations from which they cannot be rescued are saved by them. Their belief is that no disease is incurable through proper love, care and attention. 

This dog covered in tar was brought back to health by them.

Facebook/The Dodo

They never euthanize any animal and have cured animals of serious injuries and wounds by not giving up on them.


The family never thought that their actions would cause such a large impact, bringing so many people together in animal rescue.

They believe that seeing them help animals makes people happy and inspires them to do the same. They teach people to come to the aid of animals stuck in perilous situations and to not give up on them.

Facebook/The Dodo

They want people to move away from the idea of animals as the owner’s property with no rights of its own.

 Their principle is that animal’s needs and demands should be met individually and they are continuously working towards that.


You can do your bit by making a small contribution to them here.

Here the founders talk about the idea behind the organisation and the happiness it brings to them and all other people involved. 

Together, they hope to make the world a better place for animals.

Also, follow their YouTube channel to witness great rescue stories.