People often misjudge your strength based on your physical appearance. But this fluffy sheep who protected himself from a pack of wolves will make your rethink your thoughts. 


Shrek the brave sheep, escaped from a shearing farm and spent 6 years of freedom in the mountains all by himself, in a cave. 


During his adventurous years of independence, without any human intrusion, Shrek the sheep was being one with nature. He ended up growing 60 pounds (28 kg; approx)  worth of wool on his back. 


But as a docile and initially domesticated animal, surviving in the wild wasn’t easy. Shrek the sheep was once attacked by a pack of wolves and you know what saved him? His softness. 

Amusing Planet

When the wolves tried to attack Shrek the sheep, their teeth couldn’t even penetrate the fur. Nature took its course and all that fluff actually ended up protecting Shrek the sheep. 

Amusing Planet

Shrek the sheep along with his courage and survival instincts has taught mankind a very important lesson: being soft does not make you weak. 


However, Shrek the sheep’s cover was blown when humans ended up discovering this Merino sheep and he was shorn off on live television. 

The DoDo

However, his 28 kg worth of wool was auctioned off and donated to children’s medical charity, making Shrek the brave-heart a real-life hero. 

The Dodo

Kudos for Shrek for living his life and teaching mankind the most important life lesson of all time.