The thrill of experiencing the daily shenanigans of furry friends is an incredible emotion for pet parents. And the feeling has only intensified now that Heads Up For Tails has launched a community-inspired campaign called #HUFTFamilyTales.


The campaign features three short films, each showing a different moment in the daily lives of pet parents. The films were made in collaboration with FCB India and were conceptualised by the company’s in-house marketing team. They feature stories that were the episodes in the lives of actual customers.

Helmed by Tom Koshy, the films focus on how pets become a thread that binds a family together.

1. This endearing short film tells the story of Jugnoo, an adopted pup who recounts his journey of becoming a ‘pawfect’ companion of Tara, a shy girl who eventually found her home in Jugnoo. 

2. This short film introduces you to Simba, a charmingly pompous cat with whom you can’t help but fall in love. Well, Simba lives with a couple who love him but have a strained relationship with each other. Their furry friend is sure that the couple is in love but they are perpetually needed to be reminded. Cute how Simba, being a true friend, always attempts to bring them together. 

3. This is a poignant story through the eyes of Coco, who recalls how her human mum battled cancer while Coco stood by her side, being a glimmer of hope amidst the dark clouds.

Made our day!