A safe house, shelter or any physical structure – something that humans can afford to protect themselves but stray animals cannot. 

Especially during the monsoon season in India, stray animals suffer the most due to the absence of a permanent roof for them. 


A quick guide on how you can help them by doing your bit. 

1. Providing temporary roof/shelter around your house. 

The very least you can do is to provide shelter to puppies and dogs who are struggling to find cover. You can start by letting them in your garage, balconies, staircase area, etc. 

The very least they expect from you is to open your gates and doors to let them in on a temporary basis. 


2. Building temporary shelter in public parks or in your locality. 

Not everyone has the luxury of space and a majority of people in Indian cities live in crammed lanes & crowded areas. If you cannot afford letting a stray animal inside, you can do your bit by making a temporary shelter instead. 

Rubber tires, cardboard boxes and plastic items can be used to make such shelters in your nearby areas. 


In case of an altercation with a fellow resident, remember that the Indian Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1960 (A Central Act) denies the right to kill, harm, dislocate or displace a stray animal meaning providing them shelter is a lawful act. 


3. Animal care and treatment during monsoon. 

With water everywhere, water-borne diseases affect a lot of people as well as stray animals. Dogs and cats have wounds, which are further aggravated after they get drenched in rain, sometimes resulting in maggots. 

Applying anti-tick powder and providing dry spots for dogs and cats to sit can be an ideal way to avoid such possibilities. 


4. Reach out to the animal experts. 

Many a times we are not adept to handle the situation or look after a suffering stray animal. On such occasions, it is always better to consult or contact an expert. 

You can contact PAWS (1800 11 5737), Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care Centre (011 2544 7751) or Posh Foundation (099534 40509) in case of a stray emergency. 

Posh Foundation

Stray animals belong to the roads before us and are entitled to the same respect that we humans get in every avenue or space. This monsoon, they’ll need your helping hand once again.