Would you believe me if I told you that this adorable doggo has discovered a way to supply wine to the doorstep during quarantine with no-contact deliveries? 


Well, according to The Washington Post, this very handsome, 11-year-old boxer is called Soda Pop and is helping neighbours survive quarantine with some wine. 


The co-owner of Stone House Urban Winery and dog mom Lori Yata arms Soda Pop with a body bag that’s loaded wine bottles and then Soda Pop deliveries these bottles of joys to the customers. 

NY Post

Though Soda Pop is doing an amazing job with his charming personality and cheerful behaviour, Lori still worries that Soda might forget about the wine bottles if he starts chasing another animal: 

God, please don’t let a goose or something walk by or those wine bottles are gone. 
10 Daily

Lori expressed how her customers would love spending time with Soda Pup. She further explains: 

Before this all happened, we had so many customers who came to see Soda. They’d grab a glass of wine, sit on the floor with him, some would take him outside. They love Soda Pup.

But with social distancing, Soda wasn’t getting as much attention, so they found another way to cheer Soda up. Now he gets all the pets, praises, cuddles and treats in the world for bringing smile on people’s faces: 

Well, he has already won the badge for the best doggo in the whole wide world.