One of the biggest concerns for any dog parent during festivals is the noise from fireworks. The noise, though may be harmless to us, causes a lot of pain to them. It’s the same story every year. And yet, there seems to be no solid solution to protect our furry friends from the torture.


However, in a bid to protect terrified dogs, the automaker, Ford, has designed a noise-cancelling kennel. 

The carmaker has used the same technology which can be found in their cars and headphones that doesn’t let outside noise in. 

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The technology works by using microphones that detect loud noises. It then plays the opposite frequencies from the speakers built into the kennel. 

This cancels out the ‘unwanted’ sounds.

The kennel also stops the vibrations made from the loud bangs of the fireworks, so that the doggos can have a peaceful and quiet time inside their kennels.


According to Sky News, the sound-proof kennel is a prototype for now. However, the company claims that if the product makes it to the final design stages, it will stand a good chance of finding a place across every dog parent’s home.


Dogs are capable of hearing four times better than humans, across a wide range of frequencies. And where is it that they feel the safest in dire times like these? That’s right, a kennel. Ford’s endeavour looks like a perfectly balanced equation.