I still remember that day in school when we were distributed the morning newspaper and the headline screamed at me ‘Australian Conservationist Steve Irwin No More’. Remembering him from all the Discovery Channel shows, my heart sank. “The Crocodile Hunter” was no more to be seen on the TV tussling with crocodiles, catching snakes, and making us lose our nerves over whether he will survive his shenanigans. 

But 11 years on, we have a heartwarming story bringing back all the fond memories. 

Robert Irwin, the son of Steve Irwin, is following his late father’s footsteps and capturing nature’s wildest creations in a beautiful way. 

It is not surprising to know that at a very young age, 13-year-old Robert took to the intrigue that mother nature offers, as this picture clearly shows. 

And now he travels all across the globe and takes pictures of various residents of the animal kingdom. Just take a look at these rad shots.

 Lot of his photos are close-up shots of various pretty little things. 

Not just animals, the avian kingdom has his eyes (and lens) on it as well. 

And he captures the shots in a beautiful way. I mean, just look at those details. 

Robert is a self-taught photographer, and he started taking pictures at a young age of 6.

“It was my dad that was the most interested in photography,” Robert once said. 

“He was not only the most amazing dad and incredible wildlife warrior on the planet, he also had an extraordinarily artistic mind and took breathtaking photos of nature,” said Robert. 

A lot of his photograph subjects are captured in their natural habitat. 

Sometimes, he is quite a daredevil. Or a “wildlife warrior” as he likes to call himself. 

Some of his work captures the lifestyle of nature’s creations. 

While others are just caught unaware. 

Robert also works in the area of environmental conservation.  

And during his trips around the world, manages to capture such daring shots.

And while some might get you all “Woah”, they are actually pretty stunning.