Coronavirus outbreak has caused an unexpected lockdown and brought all our lives to a staggering halt. Everyone has come up with their own unique way of dealing with these tough times. From bingeing on their favourite shows to reading books to painting, people are doing it all. But with all of us sitting at home, do you ever wonder what’s going on in the deserted streets?

Well, if you did, then here is the answer. Animals have come out to explore and this is what they are up to while we are sitting at home..

Wild boars hopping away

In some countries, it is not unusual for wild boars to be spotted and they are making optimum use of their freedom by flocking the streets during the lockdown. This photo of the Spanish city of Barcelona is showing us how!

Whirl with the birds

Even though birds are a common sight, this breath-taking flock whirling through the eyes of Ahmedabad was truly a view to behold.

Sheeps taking leaps

This herd of sheep too stepped out in Itlay and by the looks it, they seem to be in search of new grazing grounds. Where’s the sheperd at eh?

Spot the Dolphin

Spotting dolphins in Arabian waters near Mumbai’s Marine Drive coast is not an everyday thing but with the lockdown in full swing, they seem to popping out for a breath of fresh air quite often.

Turtle motion at the ocean

This spectacular sight of around 8 lakh olive ridley turtles coming out of the ocean mesmerized everyone present at Rushikulya coast in Odissa.

Spotting the horse

And if you think only horses and sheep are having a gala time on streets in Italy, then let me show you this mysterious horse who was spotted galloping away around the city centre.  

Steer clear of the deer

Nara park in Japan is a popular tourist attraction where people line up to feed them but due to travel restrictions, these deers are wandering into the city in search of food. 

This Nilgai heading to the Mall

Nilgai stepped out to explore the streets near Noida’s GIP Mall. The creature seems to have migrated from a neighboring natural zone.

Awestruck by the duck

Tourist restrictions have brought down the number of boats which in turn has helped in improving the water quality at the canals in the city of Venice. This visibly clean water has brought back fishes and duck too. Isn’t that a win-win? 

Ducks visiting penguins in a zoo

With zoos on lockdown, the staff is making animals visit each other to keep the loneliness away and that’s exactly what this penguin is doing at Shedd Aquarium in Chicago

Made your day with these lovelies, didn’t I?  

Keep smiling and more importantly stay indoors to help beat the coronavirus. Hopefully, we will soon be able to step out and witness these beauties by our own eyes!