Recent cases regarding animal abuse have stirred up a whole new discussion regarding laws for stray animals. From being beaten mercilessly to thrown out of their territories, being a stray animal in India is like a war zone for these poor souls.

Here are some very important laws for street animals in India that people should be aware of.

1. It is not illegal to feed stray animals.

In spite of the law saying that there is nothing illegal about feeding stray dogs, cases of people being assaulted for feeding stray dogs are not uncommon in India. 

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2. It is illegal to poison stray animals

It is a criminal offence to poison street dogs under Section 11 of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act of 1960. But cases like this incident in Kerala where thousands of stray dogs were poisoned are not uncommon in India.

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3. It is illegal to cause harm to stray animals.

According to Sections 428 and 429 of the Indian Penal Code and the Cruelty to Animals Act of 1960, it is against the law to cause any sort of injury to any street animal. However, cases of stray animals being intentionally harmed by people are not unheard of on a daily basis.


4. Government issues IDs to people who feed stray animals.

People who feed strays can get IDs issued by the Animal welfare board of India and yet, they face harassment by others. 


5. It is against the law to relocate stray animals from their territory.

It is illegal to relocate stray animals under Section 11(1) (i) and Section 11(1) (j), PCA Act, 1960. But a recent incident in Gurugram showed us the harrowing case of stray dogs being beaten up and taken away in sacks from their territory.

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6. It is illegal to deliberately starve street dogs or take away their shelter.

Under Section 11(1) (h),PCA Act, 1960, it is illegal to intentionally starve street dogs and take away their shelter. However, a lot of people try to create obstacles for people who feed dogs and try to stop them from doing so.

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7. Capturing them against their will is against the law.

Section 9, Wildlife protection act, 1972 makes it illegal for anyone to capture, incite or bait street animals with the intent of causing harm. Even attempting so is a crime in itself.

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8. Proper documentation is required for the buying/sale of cattle.

Just because there are stray cows/buffaloes out on the road doesn’t mean anyone can claim them with an intention to sell them. Proper documentation proving that you’re an agriculturist is needed in order to sell/buy cattle.

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9. It is illegal to display stray monkeys as means of entertainment.

Monkeys are protected under the Wildlife Protection Act and cannot be displayed or owned even if they’re roaming like strays around the city. Even then, it is a common sight to see madaaris roaming around with monkeys.


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