Women love cuddling with their partners. Right? It makes them happiest. Right? Wrong. Ladies, your true happiness lies in cuddling your dog. It’s proven, women sleep better cuddling up with their pets rather than their partners. 


According to new research, women actually sleep better cuddled with their pet and not another human.


Authors Christy Hoffman, Kaylee Stutz and Terrie Vasilopoulos reported

“Compared with sleeping with human partners, sleeping with dogs is perceived to cause less disruption and to bring about a greater sense of comfort and security.”

Turns out, it’s our pets that can provide us with the most amount of comfort, cuddles and security.

“Pets may contribute to an owner’s ability to relax and feel secure in ways unrelated to threat deterrence.”

The study also says that sleeping in the same bed as a pet can also reduce the risk of nightmares as women felt more relaxed cuddled with their pets as they fell asleep.


As if we didn’t know our doggos are the best cuddle and sleep partners, this study just proved what we have known all along. Women around the world, pet cuddles are true cuddles of happiness.


Daniella added, 

“We’d recommend that owners sharing a bed with their furry friend make sure their pets’ flea treatments are up-to-date.”

Gladly, Daniella. Gladly. Achhi neend and doggie cuddles ke liye kuch bhi!