With no leftovers from restaurants and lack of human feeders amidst the extended lockdown, stray animals all across the country are struggling to sustain themselves.

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But, in a heartwarming gesture, Chandigarh police has stepped up by taking the responsibility of feeding the strays and looking after their well being amidst the lockdown. 

Turns out, the officials in khaki have been feeding these stray furballs since the begining of the lockdown. 

In a video posted by Amit Sharma on Twitter, you can see that the stray doggos are running towards the sound of the sirens while wagging their tales in joy. 

It might be an annoying noise to us but for these stray doggos in Chandigarh, the sound of the sirens is what feeds their hunger. 

Twitter can’t stop applauding these police officials for taking this generous responsibility: 

If you know any stray dogs in or around your vicinity, please feed them. These furballs need us now more than ever.