While most of us are self-isolating and hibernating in our homes, Odie and Carmel, two adorable orphaned puppies have gone viral for taking a stroll in an empty aquarium. 

Daily Mail

 As most of the public places are closed, the Atlanta Humane Society decided to take a few puppies out on a field trip to the Georgia Aquarium. And we have to say, these two furballs getting up, close and personal with the sharks is the cutest thing ever. 

Dessert Sun

A video of these carefree puppers running around the empty aquarium will make your day and melt your heart. 

Odie and Carmel are here to take all your quarantine blues away and cheer you up with their cuteness. 


These little siblings are brave, they aren’t scared of big fishies or sharks. 

ABC News

Well, ok maybe got a little scared when a big fishie came close to them through the glass window. 


But they wanted to play a little longer with the sound of bubbles and feel of fishies approaching towards them. 


They cuddled and took a nap under the sea when they got too tired from running around and visiting the entire aquarium. 

Daily Mail

You’ll have no longer have a ruff day after looking at Odie and Caramel have a blast at the aquarium. 

Netizens reacting to this puppies day out is the purest thing you’ll see today: 

The puppers will play when the hoomans are away!