According to The Hindu, several instances of birds falling out of exhaustion has come to light in Hyderabad due to severity of summer. The birds are collapsing or dying due to exhaustion and due to lack of spaces to perch and rest. With the rise in temperatures, animals are suffering and they need our help. So, we must take responsibility and do our bit by providing them with some relief. Here are 10 things that you can do to make sure your pet and strays are in good health. 

1. Keep a bowl full of clean water. 

You must keep a bowl full of clean, cool water for your pets at home. Keep changing the water at regular intervals. You can keep a bowl of fresh water outside your house too for stray animals.

2. Don’t leave your pet animal alone in a parked car. 

The temperature inside a car can increase rapidly even if it is kept under a shade so, you must keep this in mind. If dogs or other animals are kept in a closed car for long periods, they could die of a heat stroke within minutes.

3. Working animals need a break too. 

If you know someone who owns a bullock or a donkey, you must advise the owners to provide the animals with proper care and rest especially, during the heat of the afternoon. Animals should not be allowed to work for more than an hour at a stretch. One can gently spray water on the animals to keep them cool.

4. Feed your pet healthy food items that are rich in nutrients and proteins. 

If you have a working animal, he/she must be given fruits instead of sweet treats. You can feed them apples, blueberries and bananas. These fruits will hydrate the body and provide them with the much needed energy. You can feed your pet meat, rice, roti and other foods that are rich in proteins and essential minerals.

5. Provide help to a suffering animal. 

If you see an animal suffering on the streets, you must help them and provide them with proper care. Take a stray dog or cat into your home or if you can’t do that, just try to take care of their food, medicines or vaccinations.

6. Hang a pot with grains for birds to eat. 

Spread grains like rice, bajra or channa on your rooftop or you can hang a mud pot/container filled with grains in your balcony for birds to eat.

7. Keep an eye on all the stray animals you see outdoors. 

Make sure they have the basic necessities to survive. If you see an animal in distress, contact the local authorities and let them know about the situation. Give the animal water for immediate relief and get in touch with PETA if you need advice or a referral to a local animal welfare organisation. Stay with the animal till help arrives, don’t abandon it.

8. Grow trees and plants in your house. 

Plant trees and shrubs in your house and in your neighbourhood to provide a haven for birds and tree dwelling animals where they can live happily.

9. Construct a shelter for stray dogs. 

You can build a small make-shift shelter for stray dogs outside your house for them to sleep and relax. Shelters will protect them from the scorching heat and provide relief. Click here to know how to make one.

10. Keep a track of the animal’s health. 

If your pet or stray is panting, not eating well, breathing heavily or salivating heavily then these are signs of heat stress. In this case, you must immediately provide the animal with shelter and adequate water to cool down. If these signs are ignored, the animal could suffer a heat stroke or become unconscious. Contact a veterinarian if the problem persists.

Don’t shy away from doing your bit. Click here for animal helpline numbers.