A video of a doggo guarding his street by chasing an unknown Google Street View Car is the cutest thing you'll see on the internet, today. 

Source: Her.ie

This is the moment he spotted the Google car and locked his target. And he was all set to shoo the unknown, scary looking car away from his territory. 

Source: Telegraf

He ran after the car as if he was flash in the next few frames. He's practically there in almost every picture that the Google rover took.

Source: Soha
Source: Doginton Post

 And once they were uploaded on Google Maps, this little pupper became the cutest internet sensation online.  

Source: LY

Honestly, if you've ever seen a Google Street View Car with a pole and a globe mouonted at the top, you'll understand why this little munchkin wanted to shoo the alien object away and protect it's neighbourhood. 

Source: NewsWeek

Follow this doggos journey here: 

Well, we're glad this cute little doggo photobombed all the pictures!