As a pet parent with an aging four-legged fluffball, I’ve personally experienced that there has been a rising unavailability of vets amidst the lockdown. 

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Most of the vet clinics in and around my residence are currently unserviceable for safety reasons. And honestly, the idea of not having approachable medical aid makes me anxious and feel underprepared for the worst-case scenario. 

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But would you believe me if I told you that we came across a super cool app that connects pet parents to certified vets online for a free consultation? 


CoZo Plus is a pet-friendly app that aims to virtually bring the most qualified vets for the wellbeing of your pooches in the comfort of your own home. 

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That’s right folks, your pets will no longer have the ‘going to the vet’ anxiety, anymore. No more tantrums and no more resistance and you won’t have to betray their trust.

Conceived amidst the pandemic, this app aims to put all the pet owners at ease by trying to eradicate the unavailability of vets during these trying times. Yasir Khalil, the Co-Founder further reveals: 

We found ourselves in a situation where hundreds of pet parents reached out to us with concerns about their pet’s health. During this tough time, we wanted to help pet parents. While the times are strange and unsettling, we believe and stand by the famous quote by Thich Nhat Hanh – ‘compassion is a verb’.  

In fact, CoZo Plus is fully a non-commercial platform. Whether you’re rescuing and seeking consultation for a stray or wanting to get a regular check-up for your pooch, CoZo plus does not charge the pet parent anything for the consult. 

So if you see any stray animals in or around your locality in need of medical assistance, please don’t hesitate to download the app and book an appointment ASAP. 

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CoZo Plus has saved more than 1000 pets from slipping into critical care by providing them the right guidance. Support this venture by helping the animals in need. Click here to download the app.