Have you ever been silly enough to accidentally lock yourself out of your own home in the middle of the night?

Come on, try to remember. I’m pretty sure most of us have faced this after a Friday night bash when we’re too drunk to remember where our keys are. 


Well then, you sure as hell do relate to how Chika— a young doggo who got locked out of her house in the middle of the night feels. 


Chika– a labrador mix plotted to ring her own doorbell at 2.am after she realised that her owners had forgotten to take her inside. 

The doorbell camera at the Fox family home in McDonough, Georgia, has captured Chika in action as she’s on an adventure to ring the bell and inform her owners. 

Daily Mail

First time, she rang the bell with her cute little snout and waited very patiently at the porch until she heard a noise in the distance and ran towrads the front steps. 

Daily Mail

After a couple of minutes when she finally realised that everyone was fast asleep, Chika rang the bell again and eagerly waited for her owners to open the door. 

Fox News

Well, the video kind of ended on a cliffhanger where the last thing that we heard was the bell chime, we hope that she made her way through. 

NY Post

Watch the full viral video here, folks!