When you order yourself a pizza what do you generally expect to be on the box? 

The company’s logo? Witty quotes related to food and even some seasoning attached. But what if say that a pizza company is giving its customers double the treat at the price of one by attaching flyers of some adorable dogs on the box?  

Amherst, New York’s franchise of Just Pizza & Wing Co. does exactly that. It attaches flyers of dogs who are ready to get adopted on the box and once someone adopts any of them featured on the box, they get a $50 gift certificate of the shop.

Isn’t that the best thing ever? 

This idea came into existence after the pizza shop’s owner (Mary Alloy) started volunteering with Niagara Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA). She started helping the shelter’s owner (Kimberly LaRussa) to find ways to adopt the animals. 

Mary Alloy mentioned

Kimberly texted me one night and was like, ‘Hey, what would you think about putting pictures of the dogs on pizza boxes?’ and I just couldn’t wait. We are all animal lovers here, so I got permission from the franchise to do it and immediately got to work.   

This initiative has not only helped these adorable dogs get their forever homes but has also increased the pizza shop’s business.