In a heartwarming video that has been doing the rounds on the internet, a lost 4-month-old puppy tracked his way to the clinic where he was vaccinated a couple of months ago and found his home. 

The footage captured by what looks like the CCTV cameras outside Phuttaraksa Animal Clinic in Thailand was shared by the clinic on their Facebook page. 


According to sources, 4-month-old Khiew Ngern initially went around the clinic and sniffed the premises: 

The pupper then cleverly scratched and knocked on the glass doors with his paws and started barking as he waited for someone to notice and help him. 

And as soon as a staff memeber from the clinic came to the door to see who it was, the pupper started wagging its tail as if the hooman was someone he recognised. 

One of the staff members finally let this adorable munchkin in and he was the happiest puppy with his enthusiasm. 

Check out the entire journey of this smart doggo using his clever superpowers to reunite with the humans who once took care of him: 

Remember an animal will never forget the good deeds that you do for them and will always be loyal and grateful.