Bikers are used to dogs chasing them and knowing that if they stop, the dog will go away. However, that definitely won’t be the case with a tiger.

This spine-chilling video posted by the Forests and Wildlife Protection Society on Facebook is going viral on the internet.

In the video, two people are seen riding a bike inside Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary in Wayanad in Kerala when they notice a tiger chasing them. The big cat chases them for a few seconds before running off into the jungle.

According to a reports, the two people riding the bike were Forest Department officials and were patrolling the area after they were informed about a tiger sighting.

Conservation India

However, an environmental journalist and author of The Vanishing: India’s Wildlife Crisis, Prerna Singh Bindra pointed out that the chase was barely a ‘mock charge’. Animals resort to doing so when they feel their territory is under threat but they don’t mean actual harm.

While the video raised a lot of concerns by the people, some couldn’t help themselves to crack a joke or two.

Proper measures should be taken while travelling through a wildlife sanctuary.