Every once in a while, you will meet a vegan who’ll tell you animals are better than people and we shouldn’t eat them. That’s not entirely true because chickens are not definitely not better. But the statement still stands, because a lot of the times, animals do things that shatter this delusion we have of being the best creature on this planet. 

1. Binti Jua, a gorilla saved a young boy after he fell in her enclosure. She cradled the injured boy until help arrived. 

In 1996, a young boy visiting the Brookfield Zoo fell into the gorilla enclosure. As the bystanders looked in horror, Binti rushed to the spot, picked up the boy, who appeared to have been injured due to the fall, and cradled him until the paramedics arrived.

ABC News

2. A hippo first saved a baby wildebeest from drowning. A few minutes later, he repeated the feat with a baby zebra. 

Hippos are very private animals. They are badass too. Lions and crocodiles are equally scared of them. But sometimes, they are pretty chill and kind. Case in point, this particular hippo, first saved a baby wildebeest from drowning in a flood and carried it to safety. 

I love Nature

Moments later, the same hippo did the same same thing for a baby zebra!

3. Dasher, a German Shepherd protected a child for more than 15 hours in a forest in Australia during a storm. 

When two-year-old Dante Berry ran out of the house, Dasher followed him into the forest, about 3 kilometres away from their house. The parents realised this much later and called the cops to help find the child but their efforts greatly suffered due to a storm. 


15 hours after the Dante was noticed missing, he was found with Dasher who had been guarding him against predators and the storm. 


4. A pod of dolphins protected a surfer, under attack by a great white shark, safely escorted him to the shore. 

In August 2007, Todd Endris, a professional surfer was attacked by a 5 mtr long great white shark. Todd tried to fight the shark and get away but the predator didn’t budge and the surfer almost gave up after being exhausted from his many attempts. 

Then, to his surprise, a pod of dolphins arrived at the scene and created a circle around him to keep the shark away and then accompanied him to the shore. FYI, sharks are scared of dolphins as the latter are much smarter and agile and beat the crap out of them for just being in sight!


5. A pride of 3 lions saved a 12-year-old girl from kidnappers who were trying to forcibly marry her. 

Just so you know, lion experts have stated this viral story to be half true. But for the sake of the story, we’ll continue. 

In 2005, in Ethiopia, a group of men had kidnapped the girl and were beating her up when the lions showed up and chased them away. The girl claimed that these lions stayed with her till other people arrived to rescue her. That being said, it is reasonable to believe that the lions themselves were preparing to make a meal out of her. They are known to steal prey away from smaller predators. In any case, it worked out, didn’t it?


6. This cat who once miraculously survived a respiratory problem, followed it up by taking care of other animals at the hospital, earning him the nickname, ‘nurse’. 

The black cat arrived at the vet in 2014 with serious illness. His owners had actually brought him to the hospital to have him euthanised. However, he recovered after sustained efforts from the doctors. He then stayed there and started taking care of other animals. 

He stays with ill animals, licks and them and cuddles them throughout their treatment. It earned him the moniker, ‘nurse’. He is now a permanent employee at the hospital. 


7. Baby, a pitbull, ran into a burning building twice and pulled out both his human and canine family!

If you walk a pitbull down the street, people just change their lanes. That’s how much of a bad rap these dogs get. However, they are extremely loyal and sweet creatures. Case in point, when their house caught on fire, Baby braved the smoke and the heat and rescued both her humans and 5 dogs from the fire. 


8. Baloo, Leo and Shere shared an unlikely friendship after being rescued from a basement. They bear, lion and tiger’s sense of family seemed like it came straight out of a Rudyard Kipling book. 

The three cubs were found in the basement of a drug dealer in Georgia after the cops raided the house. They had been underfed, unwashed and ill when they were rescued. But they appeared to share a bond that had never been seen before between apex predators if 3 different species. 


Even as they grew into adults at the  Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary, they maintained that bond. For 15 years, they would eat, play and sleep together until Leo passed away in 2016 and Shere passed away in 2018. Baloo was present at both their burials. 

The Sun

9. This monkey from India, adopted a puppy and continued to care for it, always feeding it first and protecting it from other stray dogs. 

Nobody knows how this unlikely bond started or where both the animals are now, but in 2015, this monkey was seen running around town with a puppy in her arms. People would often see her scare away stray dogs, protecting the pup. She would carry him where she went and always fed him first!

Bored Panda

Later, people would also start leaving milk and fruits out for them!


10. A beluga whale lifted a diver from the depths of the Arctic sea after her legs cramped and she started choking, thus saving her life. 

Yang Yun was free diving in the Arctic when she found her legs cramping. She could not swim up to breathe and started choking. This is when she felt something heavy beneath her feet lifting her to the surface, allowing her to breathe. It was Mila, the beluga whale. 

Daily Mail

And to think, we claim to be gods while ruining their habitats and killing them on a scale never heard off in history!