Warning: some images in the article can be disturbing. 

A stray dog’s life is not easy. 

From speeding vehicles and cruel people to natural barriers like harsh sunlight, rain and storm, they have to bear everything on their own. 

I Love My Dogs So Much

Disclaimer: Viewer discretion advised. 

This five-week old puppy was suffering on the streets too, until fate decided to intervene. 

Although partially burned and lacking fur, the bald pupper’s struggles were about to come to an end. 

The Dodo

When someone found the dog, named Pixie, wandering in their yard, they decided to help her by calling few people from a nearby shelter. 

They found out Pixie has Demodex Mange, a condition where scratching can lead to sores and scabs. 

The Dodo

Daphne Bragg, Pixie’s foster mom, fell in love with the little puppy as soon as she saw her. 

She described her first meeting with Pixie and said: 

When I saw her, I was like, Oh my god! You are coming with me. 
The Dodo

Immediately after having her first medical bath, Pixie’s foster mom realised that she was too small for the bathtub. 

Her kitchen’s sink became Pixie’s new bathtub. 

The Dodo

Eventually, the scabs and wounds started to heal. Pixie looked bald before hair started re-growing on her little body. 

The Dodo

The little one also made a few friends and learnt some much needed social skills. 

The Dodo

Here Pixie’s life changed when she met Elliot for the first time. 

Elliot had a similar past and was super tiny when he was brought home. 

The Dodo

Just like Pixie, Elliot had to work super hard to grow up into a wonderful and healthy dog. 

He too, was helped by Daphne’s older dogs just like he would go on to help Pixie in this case. 

The Dodo

Now as the elder doggo in the house, Elliot took over Pixie’s responsibilities as remembering his own struggle phase. 

They began to share a bond so beautiful that Pixie started to get her fur back with poking new hair. 

The Dodo

Ultimately, Pixie was back to normal with a full coat of fur after months of rehabilitation and recovery. 

The Dodo

The story, though a roller-coaster ride, tells us that love and adequate care can simply make a difference in anyone’s life, whether a distressed animal or a human being going through a rough patch. 

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