A St. Bernard dog had to be carried down Scafell Pike, England’s highest peak, after she collapsed while descending and refused to move further.

The Guardian

The dog named Daisy, showed signs of pain in her rear legs as she was descending down the peak with her owners on Friday, 24th July.

After she collapsed, a rescue team had to be called in and 16 volunteers from Wasdale mountain rescue team spent nearly 5 hours bringing Daisy down on a stretcher.

The Guardian

The 4-year-old dog, weighing 55 kg, is reportedly recovering well and her owners are grateful to the rescue team for their efforts.

St. Bernards were originally bred to rescue people in the Italian and Swiss Alps, but they sure are not hiking dogs. While some people are calling out the dog’s owners for taking her along with them on the mountain…

… others are comparing her to their spirit animal. The one who won’t move, no matter what.

We wish Daisy a speedy recovery.